Treasure #Trovember Challenge 2022


There are many creative challenges out there. Inktober is just finishing up, many of you may have participated in Februllage, or the ICAD, Index Card a Day Challenge. November has long been known for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and this year, Collage-Lab is bringing back our widely popular Treasure #Trovember!

Treasure #Trovember is a 30 day creative challenge, happening inside for the entire month of November.
We’ll explore the Treasure Trove of art supplies and collage materials that we’ve all accumulated with a Dynamic Layered Mixed Media Collage that we will build one day at a time!

It’s about Layers – adding, subtracting, pushing objects back, highlighting other objects.

One goal is to use your “Treasure Trove” of art supplies and collage materials.

One goal is to create, without any idea of the outcome, or the directions that your piece will take over the course of 30 days.

One goal is to see how very differently we all interpret the daily instructions and prompts.

Registration is required. The challenge continues to be free – just enter 0 for the price, or you can buy me a cup of coffee – always appreciated!

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