Best of the Alphabet – Teacher’s Choice


Six individual lessons from the Collage Alphabet yearlong class. These teacher picks include:

“A” is for Accordion

“B” is for Book Covers

“G” is for Gesture Lines

“M” is for Mixing the Media

“P” is for Painted Papers

“S” is for Scale

Each “letter” features a variety of projects or exercises. Enjoy immediate access to these self-paced, pre-recorded lessons. Revisit a lesson anytime with lifetime access.

“A” is for Accordion includes a variety of accordion/concertina-fold collage ideas & projects. Bonus tips include a bit about working in series and how to create a faux deckled edge! Over 40 minutes of video plus downloads.

“B” is for Book Covers also includes tips for finding old books, deconstructing them, and bonus material about diptychs and how to display book cover collages. Thirty minutes of video and several project ideas!

“G” is for Gesture is a fun-filled lesson with a variety of techniques to add gesture lines to your collage. Lots of fun projects and over 1 hour of video instruction make this a great addition to your technique toolbox!

“M” is for Mixing the Media is a challenge. With a step-by-step demo, I create a mixed media collage using as many art supplies as I can. The one and a half hour video shows techniques and will introduce you to a wide range of supplies and applications that you can use in your collage making.

“P” is for Painted Papers allows you to create your own unique palette of collage papers. A variety of painting, printing, and dyeing techniques will leave you with many colorful choices. The 40 minutes of video instruction will also give you ideas for using these one-of-a-kind papers in your collage work.

“S” is for Scale explores approaches to working very small to very large. Working intuitively, you will create many, many small collages as you follow along the over 1 hour of video instruction. From simple to complex, from diptychs to series, this lesson offers many options for using the smallest of elements to the biggest, while finding ways to connect your style of collage no matter the size.

View the list of all individual “letters” here.

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