Best of the Alphabet – Student Favorites


Six individual lessons from the Collage Alphabet yearlong class. These student favorites include:

“C” is for Color

“F” is for Frankenstein

“H” is for House & Home

“I” is for Improvisation

“J” is for Junk

“N” is for Narrative

Each “letter” features a variety of projects or exercises. Enjoy immediate access to these self-paced, pre-recorded lessons. Revisit a lesson anytime with lifetime access.

“C” is for Color is jam-packed with projects to explore color schemes, values, and markmaking.

“F” is for Frankenstein dives into surrealism in collage with tons of fun exercises. Creating the lesson took me out of my comfort zone, but I had such a blast creating these projects. With almost 1 hour of video instruction, this lesson is a student favorite!

“H” is for House & Home is a thematic lesson and one of our most popular with students. A variety of approaches will have you experimenting with the house shape, landscapes, and the meaning of home.

“I” is for Improvisation is full of prompts, challenges, and ways to kickstart your creativity. This idea-rich lesson also includes a bevy of downloadable resources to supplement the video instruction.

“J” is for Junk offers a new approach to selecting collage materials, and several fun exercises that will give Kurt Schwitters a run for his money. The lesson will have you finding the treasures in all sorts of trash.

“N” is for Narrative shows us that a good collage is like a good story. Creating a narrative that engages the viewer is explored in several projects and an introduction to blackout poetry and exquisite corpse collages are student favorites.

View the list of all individual “letters” here.

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