Meet Zoey

Meet Zoey. Zoey has a busy life. She tries to approach life with a bit of experimentation and creativity, from how she dresses to what she cooks to how she decorates her home. Zoey is a collage artist, though she might not call herself that, and she makes a bit of money selling her artwork, though not enough to ever quit her day job. Zoey likes personal challenges, but can’t always find the time to stick with new commitments. Zoey created a Vision Board last year, and the year before, but when she tries to recall her “vision” from the previous year, she isn’t quite sure… And when she looks for her 2022 Vision Board, she finally finds it, forgotten, in the back of the closet in her studio. Zoey has taken online classes before, but misses the interaction and accountability of live events, though those are hard to fit into her busy schedule. If only Zoey could find her “tribe” – people like her that understand and can help motivate her… If only she had a community of like-minded individuals that would share and inspire and challenge her to keep at it…

Zoey signs up for Collage Chronicle.

A few months later…

Zoey has a clear vision and direction for her year. She enjoys self-imposed challenges and has accountability partners that understand and keep her motivated. Zoey started (and continues with) a daily collage practice (though you can choose your own adventure…) Zoey is building a body of work and finding new outlets to share and sell and promote herself as a collage artist. Zoey focuses on a monthly theme that ties back to her vision for the entire year.

Zoey is like you…

Collage Chronicle was created for people like you.

Collage Chronicle is more than just a Vision Board Workshop and more than just an online collage class.

It’s a “choose your own adventure” guide to an artfully good year.

·     Choose a Daily Collage Practice, Creative Collage Collaborations, or 12 Monthly Creative Check-Ins. It’s up to you!

Collage Chronicle kickstarts your year with a live Zoom session where you will be able to set your creative intentions, map out goals, create a vision board, start or continue a daily practice, and challenge yourself with new techniques and materials.


Monthly check-ins and weekly challenges

Techniques, demos, and tips

Ideas and encouragement

Prompts and projects

Resources and inspiration

Collaborative challenges

Everyone will receive:

  • 365 daily project prompts
  • 12 monthly Zoom get-togethers – time for a technique demo and sharing our progress
  • Plus, bonus workshops, like Vision Board Gathering in January

You get to choose your own level of commitment.


FREE monthly downloads

Bonus video content


Private Facebook group to engage, get encouragement and celebrate successes

Join Zoey for Collage Chronicle and make 2023 your year of collage!
A yearlong choose-your-own-adventure!