If you are here, it’s probably because something isn’t working and I know that can be frustrating. Please look through the FAQ’s and see if I answer your question or send me a message using the contact form above.

I look forward to hearing from you. I am a one-person operation – working artist and teacher, also wearing many hats – IT guy, course development, marketing, finance – you get the picture. I maintain this website and do a lot of the tasks manually – just so you know, you’re dealing with one person, not a giant corporate entity! (Please do let me know if you find errors, bad or missing links, or if you have any questions about the site or the courses.)

I’ve never taken an online class before. How does it work?

Pre-recorded, work-at-your own pace courses:

Classes are hosted in an online classroom which you can access when you log on to collage-lab.com. Each class is a combination of videos and downloads. All the videos and class materials are available to you for as long as Collage-Lab exists.

“Live” online courses:

Classes are hosted on Zoom or in a private Facebook Group, so you will need access to either the free Zoom app, or a valid Facebook account. Materials from “Live” online courses are available for a set time period because these courses may be offered again in the future. Timeframe to access course materials is spelled out in the class description. Watching or participating in these “Live” sessions is best achieved on a laptop or desktop computer, with a good internet connection. Not all functions may be available if watching on a phone or tablet. You are responsible for having the appropriate application and stable internet. No refunds due to technical issues that are on your end.

Can I share the links with my friends?

Your class fee is good for participants living in a single household. So, you can share with your kids, your partner, or anyone else living with you. Other than the above, please don’t share the links with friends or family! If you are part of a group and would like to request a group rate and licensing permission, please email Kelly at mycollagelab[at]gmail[dot]com

I haven’t done art since the third grade. Are your classes suitable for beginners?

Yes, classes are designed so that students of all levels find a warm, supportive, and challenging environment in which to learn and grow. In the rare case that a class is not suitable for beginners, it will be clearly stated.

How long do I have access to the class videos?

You have indefinite, lifetime access to the pre-recorded classes, so you can revisit the material anytime. The classes that take place on Zoom will be available for watching replays and accessing course materials for six months from the start of the class. Any deviation from this policy will be spelled out in the class description.

No refunds. Look over all of the information about a specific course before purchasing.

If, however, a class is cancelled for any reason, your course fee will be returned to you in the form of a Gift Card or credit to be used on future courses. Gift Cards and credit balances only apply to courses offered directly by Collage-Lab.com and cannot be used if I am guest teaching in conjunction with another organization, website, or venue.

What exactly does lifetime access mean?

You have indefinite, lifetime access to the pre-recorded classes, for as long as collage-lab.com exists. I am a one-person operation, so unless this little website becomes HUGE, I imagine that collage-lab.com will die when I do and no one is around to pay the hosting, etc. But, I don’t plan on that anytime soon. If the site becomes a drain on me financially in the future, I will likely give participants the opportunity to download the lessons before they go offline – however, I don’t plan on that. You, however, can help by sharing this site, these classes, and other events that I host, with your friends and followers. Word-of-mouth is the best advertisement and I really hope to create something that you will want to share with others. Contact me if you have any issues with that theory. And, because the pre-recorded classes offer lifetime access, and are delivered digitally, there has to be a strict no-refunds policy. Thank you for your participation!