Art Doesn’t Have to Match Your Sofa – International Call for Collage Art


The response to our first-ever Call for Art was overwhelming, with artists from over 27 countries and most U.S. states applying! I was very pleased with the quality and range of work submitted, and the choice of who to include was not an easy one.

Due to the number of outstanding submissions, we have actually decided to publish two books, instead of just one! Twenty-six international collage artists were chosen for Volume 2 of Art Doesn’t Have to Match Your Sofa. Additionally, twenty-six collage artists from across the USA have been chosen for Volume 3!

Join me in congratulating these 52 artists. If you were not selected, please know that a variety of criteria were used – some of it very specific to how these books will be created, and how the overall selections relate to each other. Please do keep following Collage-Lab for other upcoming calls and events – this Call was the first of many planned, plus Collage-Lab will continue to offer online classes, resources, a Quarterly Scrap Exchange, and other opportunities.

Artists selected for “Art Doesn’t Have to Match Your Sofa” Volume 2 – International Collage Art


Alina Kashitsyna

Bea Montero

Cindy McMath

Pages sur pages

Eve Baldry

Evgenia Bolyukh

Nina Drenth

Irina Sevostyanova

Jo Hudson

Kalle Ahonen


Lisbeth Degn Jensen

Mariana Mendivil

Marianne Burger

Mary Rouncefield

Melissa Moffat

Michelle Langelier

Mikayla Castello

Mireia Sanz

Rhed Fawell

Sara M Fernández

Sarah Cowling

Soraia Aguirre

Susan Jessop

Vera de Gernier

Artists selected for “Art Doesn’t Have to Match Your Sofa” Volume 3 – Collage Art from Across the USA

Allison Belolan

Ben DiNino

Beth Bynum

Beverly Silva

Celia Crane

Chad Yenney

Clive Knights

Cynthia Nazari

Deborah Greer

Donna Cox

Doug Schulte

Erin Houghtaling


Julia Payne

Laurel DeFreece

Mandy Fariello

Marty Gordon

Michelle Concetta Parchini aka /DRI:M/ARTZ

Molly McCracken

Nancy Kay Turner

Paloma Trecka

Selena Dixon

Shannon Elizabeth Gardner

Sian-Day Lewis

Ski Taylor

Tara Pellegrino

Now, the nitty-gritty – by deciding to create two books from this Call, it will obviously take more time to design, layout, edit, and get published (I’m still a one-person business, and a working artist/teacher). The anticipated timeline is below:

NEXT WEEK – I will be mailing “Art Doesn’t Have to Match Your Sofa” stickers and magnets to each of the 52 selected artists!

HOPEFULLY BY THE END OF AUGUST – I will have Volume 2 ready to publish. At that point, I will select the “cover artist” who will receive a copy of the published paperback.

HOPEFULLY BY THE END OF SEPTEMBER – I will have Volume 3 ready to publish. At that point, I will select the “cover artist” who will receive a copy of the published paperback.

Each version of “Art Doesn’t Have to Match Your Sofa” will be available at the following link, once published. You will also be able to order a variety of products featuring “Art Doesn’t Have to Match Your Sofa” – this list will be added to as well.

ALSO – over the next few months, I will be featuring the selected artworks on @mycollagelab Instagram account – take some time to follow along and check out all of these talented collage artists!

Again, heartfelt thanks to everyone who submitted – I wish I could use each and every one of you in these publications, but there will be future opportunities. Please do follow along with what Collage-Lab is doing – @mycollagelab on Instagram and please consider joining our active and supportive Facebook Group!









SELECTED ARTISTS WILL BE CREDITED AND GIVE PERMISSION TO COLLAGE-LAB, EVERYDAYPAPER, and KELLY SCHAUB to use their image in the book (paperback and Kindle version), and in promotional materials to publicize the book, and the “Art Doesn’t Have to Match Your Sofa” series of books. COVER ART will be selected from the 26 images chosen for the book, and the artist selected for the cover art will receive a free copy of the paperback version of the book, if available in your country through Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing. Selected artists will receive an “Art Doesn’t Have to Match Your Sofa” magnet and sticker. Individual artists retain copyright of their artworks.

If you have any questions, please email Kelly.